The ABO Fitness Group – The Alphas – The Betas – The Omegas

The ABO Fitness Group – The Alphas – The Betas  – The Omegas
Primary sport/fitness activity

Registration Membership : Annual Payment applicable (not yet decided), and monthly fees is to be paid for yoga
Membership for now : Only the Omegas slot open for now
Meeting up: only a few members are meeting due to the covid situation for walks, runs and yoga ( in person as well as online zoom classes too)
The idea 💡 behind the opening of not one but three groups is because i personally feel every individual has to be given an opportunity to a healthy life style along with a feel good factor that yes, i can exercise according to my own capacity and in the field of my choice and interest, Be it gym, running, surfing, basketball, football, cricket, boxing, walking, cycling, yoga ,zumba, swimming etc.. here the main key is to encourage, motivate and inspire each other.
The Alphas group are born leaders and have their own fitness regime, so there’s no interference from one another . They do whatever exercise regime they do and am glad that they are beginning to participate in running events as in once upon a time during their School days ;

The Betas, form the Student body..many of whom perhaps are not given opportunity or denied simply because they are not good enough.. in this group they can be their own heroes,get inspired by both the Alphas and The Omegas.
The Omegas- The Men and Women at last feel yes today i have to give equal importance to my health too besides taking care of the family, job, juggling and what not.. it time to get my life in order my body and mind into shape 💪
That’s where my Yoga experience of 8 to 10 yrs along with an imp format that I have learnt over my 17 yrs of not only wanting to lose weight ,but also maintaining energy throughout the day, proper nutritional healthy diet comes into use.
Through my personal errors, mistakes I have learnt lessons for life that comes to my rescue. It’s time to reach out to others ….

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Paid membership
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Beginner, Intermediate
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